When are Payday Loans right for you?

Short Term loans – or Payday loans – are designed to plug a funding gap in an emergency. But are they used correctly? Used properly, the Payday loan concept is a valuable service; it provides funding to those who do not have access to small loans from their Bank or other financial institution. Sadly, there […]

Since January 2015 the cap is on, and perhaps we start to say goodbye to payday – what now?

As the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Ombudsman, and Competition Markets Authority (CMA) took it between them to cap the payday industry, few legitimate payday companies have survived. Reminiscent of the old medieval torture the screw are being tightened once again. The CMA is now demanding that payday lenders provide competitive information to their customers on […]

Payday loans in Scotland: Exploited employees often have no choice but to take out a payday loan

It is now impossible for a Scottish citizen to challenge their boss. Since fees for Employment Tribunals have been introduced for those Scots who have problems at work and need mediation, the number of complaints has fallen by 81%. Where once it was free of charge to challenge one’s employer before the Employment Tribunal, it […]