Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard – a debt and short-term loan story

A Debt and Short-Term Loan Story

The celebrity News has been alive with the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Court Case. For weeks we have avidly followed the in’s and out’s of a celebrity couple’s personal relationship. An insight into a bizarre turn of events. 

Winner and Loser

Ultimately, Johnny Depp won his libel case and recovered some of his lost pride – a victory, then. Amber was also able to take some small measure of victory. Unfortunately for her, the ruling that went her way was relatively trivial and she lost overall. As evidenced, she expressed her deep dissatisfaction with that.

Both celebs have been linked to debt and in Amber’s case, her lawyer is claiming she may not be able to afford to pay for her losses. This raises the question, how will she, or anyone in debt, manage to find the funds that they need? 

The Short-Term Loan 

Enter the instalment short-term loan. For many, a loan that is relatively short-term, i.e. up to 12 months, could be a solution to an ongoing debt problem. Why? Well, quite simply, spreading the cost of the repayments over a period that is more manageable is more comfortable. 

Easier repayment plan

For example, if someone owes £1000 to one company and £1000 to another with both being due over 3 months, resulting in an outgoing of £835 for both, it is possible to consolidate those two debts. The net result spreads that cost over 12 months and reduce the monthly to £326.

Now, while this is certainly a solution to reducing the £835 to a more manageable £326, it should only be done if there are no other options. 

The reason for this is because the 12 month solution attracts a longer period of interest. This makes it by far the more expensive option at the end. However, it may still be preferable to defaulting on one or both of the initial debts and getting a credit score destroying CCJ. 

Always pay your debts. Always ensure you can afford your repayments. Never take out a loan you cannot afford. Always read the small print of any Agreement or Contract. If you see hidden costs, walk away. Use only reputable Lenders regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Who are you gonna call? 

Ok, not Ghost Busters. There are none here but once you have considered all of your options and decided to look for financing, look no further. 

If you need a loan, a short-term loan, an instalment loan from 3-12 months, contact us, we may be able to help. The Quick Loan Shop Homepage




3 month loans in the cost of living crisis!

3 month loans in the cost of living crisis! 

Rising costs. Sucks, doesn’t it? Especially when our income isn’t increasing to keep pace. What are we to do when we have a planned purchase to make? 3 month loans may be the answer. But first, where can we cut back and maybe avoid a loan altogether? 

We survived the last Recession, as bad as it was, and we will certainly survive the next but right now, we have to deal with the rising cost of energy, food and general consumables. In fact, the cost of food is the highest in over a decade. Oil prices are going up – in advance of an OPEC decision about additional output to combat reduced Russian flow – and as for energy, we are told to expect an increase of around 18% next month. 

So what can you do?

For starters, be more careful with you weekly shop. Compare the prices of necessities with other supermarkets and see where savings can be made. Factor in the cost of getting that shop in too – sometimes driving to a supermarket farther away negates any savings made so be careful not to omit this from your calculations. Perhaps cut back on certain luxuries too if money is getting really tight.

Don’t waste energy. Look out for ‘vampire’ electronics, like TV’s that remain on standby even when not in use; they are still sucking power. Do you need to use the dishwasher when you can do the dishes by hand? Similarly, washing clothes and most certainly, drying them – use a clothes line outside if the weather permits.

Fuel. Every time you go to the pump these days it seems like the cost of petrol and diesel has gone up. The easiest solution is to make fewer journeys by car. If possible, use a bicycle. Not only are you saving money, but you are getting your exercise in too – a double win, because this means you can save on that gym membership. 

3 month loans

Where do these fit in then? Ideally, they don’t. Save money by not accruing credit and the associated interest. Sometimes though, this is easier said, than done. Which is where The Quick Loan Shop Ltd comes in to help you. 

When money is tight and a purchase has to be made, a short-term loan may be the answer – a loan that has flexible repayment options including several months over which to spread the cost. Our 3 month loans may be the solution to a financial problem you need to address now, not later. 

Should you wish to apply for our loan, please do so here: Application Page – Instalment Loans

The best payday loan lender

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

The best payday loan lender. While it may seem daunting at first to find a good lender, the very best do make it easier. How do you know which is the best however? 

Reviews are often the first port of call for many when researching lenders. They provide valuable insights into the experiences of others. But that isn’t the whole story and there are many other factors such as regulatory compliance that should be taken into account too.
Who is the best payday loan lender? No single company can truly claim to be ‘the best’ although many do aspire to the title and more actually do award themselves the accolade. 

We, too, like to consider ourselves the ‘best’. Our motto is to strive to be what customers want us to be – excellent in every single way.
Being the top Lender means that customers – all customers – leave having had a very good experience. From the first point of contact to the final repayment. 

But not everything can be rosy all the time every time. Therefore, how a company faces up to its challenges and how it treats its customers when complications set in dictates the real best lender. If someone defaults on their loan, how is that dealt with? How is the customer made to feel that everything will be okay, that all will work out fine? This is where a truly great lender comes to the fore and provides the necessary arrangements. We don’t want to see the involvement of debt collectors in any situation. 

The best lending companies will provide assistance. They will ensure no-one is stressed. They will write-off any residual debt.
Who is the best payday loan lender? The one with a perfect track record.

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Payday Loan Shop vs Online Lender

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

Payday loan shop vs online lender: which to use and why?
When deciding upon getting a payday loan, one of the things you must consider is whether you would prefer to deal with an actual high street shop or use an online lender.
A physical shop does provide that sense of ‘security’ in terms of knowing who you are dealing with and also provides a personal point of contact.
The online lender however provides 24/7 access and a much faster application process. It is also the most convenient.
Which one you choose is entirely down to how important the aforementioned factors are to you, there are no real downsides to either.
That said, there is one drawback to the physical shop that the online lender doesn’t suffer from: competition. There are many more online companies than there are physical shops. 

What this means to you, the customer, is greater choice. The ability to literally shop around for the best interest rate or customer service provider.
Very few lenders operate physical premises for you to visit. It is more cost-effective for them to operate online only. This doesn’t mean you get an inferior service but it does mean you cannot meet face-to-face.

We style ourselves as a shop but remain online only. Our ‘shop’ is termed such because we provide you with loan options; you can decide between short term and instalment, for example. Two different services. In addition we also provide a free Broker service where we literally shop around for you to find a lender to match your needs.
As such, we too, are a payday loan shop. There is no shortage of choice in the Market which is healthy. Naturally, the customer does need to do some homework and decide which lender to use. 

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What are emergency payday loans?

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

Emergency Payday Loans. We know what the phrase sounds like, we know what it should mean. But are we sure?
When should you take out a payday loan? Obviously, not for another round of drinks down at the Local. Or, worse, to pay off other loans.
If you feel that you need to pay off other loans with a payday loan – don’t! In doing so you enter into a cycle of debt that is incredibly difficult to extricate yourself from.
A good example of where a payday loan might be useful, would be to meet a bill for something unexpected, such as a vet bill. If you find yourself a little short because you have spent disposable income on something else in the same month but know you will have that income available the following month, then you could advance it using a payday loan.
Don’t forget to factor in the interest repayment too, of course, which will be typically calculated at 0.8% per day. You can reduce that interest by reducing the number of days that you need the loan too.
It is also possible that some customers want to buy something shiny and new immediately rather than wait for their next pay cheque. The lure of the new toy or item if clothing can be irresistible. Consider the additional interest cost. Is it a wise decision? Is the item on a sale and the savings outweigh the interest? Perhaps that would be ok. However, do consider and factor in the total cost for not waiting and taking out an advance.
The bottom line is, only use emergency payday loans if indeed the need is actually an emergency.
If you wish to apply for one, follow this link: Apply Here for a Short Term Loan.

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Instant Payday Loans

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

Instant Payday Loans are available to anyone who demonstrates that they meet the basic qualification criteria for Short Term Loans/Payday Loans or 3-12 month instalment loans.
The simplest way to ensure you qualify, is to first visit our FAQ’s page: FAQ’s

If you meet the criteria, then the next step is to Apply (30 days) or Apply (Instalment 3 -12 months) so that we can review your Application. The whole process is really very quick. In fact, you will take longer to complete the Form than it will take us to give you a decision!

Will an Instant Payday Loan benefit you? This is a question only you can truly answer. Give it some serious thought, don’t take one simply because you can.

Once you have decided to go for it and get a Payday loan, please make sure that you have done your homework calculations correctly and that you can afford to meet the repayments on time. Lenders will have to check this with you too, of course, as part of their Due Diligence.
Good Customer Service is paramount when choosing a Lender, check their credentials, ensure that they are legit and most importantly, Regulated.

The ‘instant’ you apply for Instant Payday Loans in the UK, you enter into a contract of Goodwill. What we mean by this, is that you are certain that you can repay the debt. Obviously, unforeseen circumstances can occur and Lenders understand this. Naturally, we will perform our own in-house due diligence checks to verify your application too. 

After all, it is why you need a payday loan in the first place. Still, while Lenders have to perform the appropriate Checks, you should also not take risks and hope that you will qualify when you know you really can’t.

We hope that the above information is helpful to you and provides some insight into the decision-making process we undertake to approve your loan. 









Instant Payday Loans: Overdrafts cost more!

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

Yes! It is true, you are reading that Headline correctly; Bank Overdrafts are often more expensive than Instant Payday Loans.

Consumer Group Which? have investigated and found that for unplanned Overdrafts, Banks are charging up to 8 times more than the 0.8% per day that Short Term Lenders charge over 30 days.

The fallout from this Report is understandable, MP’s are demanding that the FCA imposes a similar cap upon Overdrafts in the same way that they have done for Payday Loans. The FCA have been gathering information about this for some time now and have promised to report their findings later this year.

What can we take from this? Well, for one, we can point to evidence that our loans are more affordable than many Overdrafts and, thanks to correct Regulation, do offer you, the Customer, a valid and cost-effective solution when an instant payday loan is required. Immediate cash is our Business and providing it in an affordable, safe way that ensures you do not find yourself in any form of financial hardship is our Mission.

So what are Payday Loans?

A Payday loan is a short term loan, usually up to 30 days, that is repaid including interest, on your next pay date. These loans are subject to credit checks and affordability assessments; these are to ensure that no-one takes out a loan that they cannot comfortably afford and therefore avoid spiralling debt.

Immediate Payday loans are not meant to be used for repayment of other loans.

Given that these loans are designed to be speedy, they are generally accessed online and most can be obtained via mobile-specific web-pages making completion of applications easy since you can do so from your phone or tablet from any location.  To apply now, please go to:

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When are Payday Loans right for you?

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

Short Term loans – or Payday loans – are designed to plug a funding gap in an emergency.
But are they used correctly? Used properly, the Payday loan concept is a valuable service; it provides funding to those who do not have access to small loans from their Bank or other financial institution.
Sadly, there was a time preceding Financial Conduct Authority regulation where some payday companies did not act in the best interests of their Customers and, instead of providing a useful service and protecting and nurturing their Customer’s, chose instead to fleece as much income as they could from anyone wanting a loan for any purpose and who did not demonstrate that they could afford such a loan.

The Market is different now. With successful regulation has come greater confidence that short term / payday loans are safer for consumers.

What is successful regulation? Well, it is simple really, it involves ensuring the fairest outcome to the Consumer; that they are treated fairly, not charged extortionate interest and, fundamentally, unable to receive a loan if they cannot afford to repay it. To this end, Lenders such as TheQuickLoanShopLtd ensure all applicants are thoroughly means tested to ensure that they are able to afford the loan they want.

So it is safer. Should you apply for a payday loan though?
The answer to this is can you get funding more affordably? If not, then a payday loan may be the answer. Why do you want one? Is it to buy something not vital; something that you do not need? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should rather save up until you can afford it rather than seek instant finance. If you have a broken down car you rely upon or other such emergency, then this is where a Short Term Loan comes into its own – using it for this reason is appropriate providing you are sure that you can afford the repayments.

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The Journey from Interim to Full Permission

As some of you Readers may be aware, Short Term Loan Lenders have been operating under Interim Permission Licenses for their Consumer Credit trading.

These licenses were provided following the restructuring of the Government’s Regulator when the Office for Fair Trading was dismantled and the Financial Conduct Authority took over.

Well, it has been a long process but The Quick Loan Shop Ltd (trading as and has been granted Full Permission.

Our Interim Number 650559 is now inactive and we now use Consumer Credit License No. 672828.

We have demonstrated our compliance, transparency and strict adherence to the Treat Customers Fairly policy. We are also one of the first to be Fully Authorised and this is a great achievement for our Team who have worked to build one of the UK’s favourite Consumer Credit company’s.

We are committed to providing the best service we can to our Customers, ensuring they are in safe hands with us and working with them to solve their emergency loan needs.

Payday Lenders operate in a niche but very important sector of the financial community.

2016 see’s the emergence of newly Authorised Lenders working in this sector that Customer’s can trust.

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Garth Erikson is a customer services manager for a payday lender

The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

We catch up with Garth on a busy afternoon. He is sitting behind his desk with a long list of names and telephone numbers to get through. There are about 8 other people at different desks that seem to be doing the same. This is Garth’s domain; he is the customer services manager for a payday lender.

The lists of people that the employees are busy calling are customers of a large Payday loan company. The customers have one thing in common: they have missed a payment or a few or defaulted on repayments of their loans altogether.

Garth explains that a single employee can call up to 100 people a day depending on whether the clients call back. We stand in, listening as Garth takes a call:

“Hello, please can I speak to Mr. X? Oh, is he in the bedroom? Yes, I see. Can you please ask him nicely to come to the phone? He is where? I thought I heard you say was in the bedroom…”

Being a customer services manager for a payday lender – is it a high-stress job?

After listening to how Grant dealt with the client on the phone, it was clear that the client had no intention of talking to him. With many clients not wanting to engage in conversation about their debt and how to sort it out, one would think that the phone operators would become frustrated, angry, and even aggressive. This is clearly not the case. The staff is composed. There is a friendly atmosphere and none of the aggressive shouting and slamming the phone down that we have been led to believe. Maybe Garth is an extra special customer services manager for a payday lender because the reported abuse of payday lenders over the phone is not coming from this office.

A few phone calls that a manager for a payday lender can expect to make

Garth settles down to begin his day and we decide to follow him for the first calls of the day. He explains that there are basically three types of clients. One that takes out a loan and pays it back, one that takes out a loan but needs help to pay it back, and lastly one who takes out loans and cannot pay them back at all.

Our first phone call is to a client that has let her loan roll over the maximum of times and never repaid a single pound. The records show that she has been called 10 times and has eluded the phone calls. Today’s phone call is no different.

The next client’s phone line is switched off so Garth tries to reach him at work. He is informed that the client is not in the office. Garth requests that he be called back, but this tactic has not worked before and Garth does not expect any change.

The following client has taken out a debt management plan to help with the large debt he is in. He has, however, only paid 1.49 pounds into the plan so far. This does not look promising.

Grant, the customer’s services manager for a payday lender keeps a big sign on the wall of the office.

“Always communicate with customers in a fair and accurate manner. Identify yourself fully.”

Well, there does not seem to be any threats and abuse leaving this office via a telephone line.

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