Debt and stress – the terrible twins

Debt and stress are inextricably linked in the 21st century but this is not a new phenomenon. The Debt and Stress Connection is very real for many people as worrying about the health of your bank and other financial accounts can really make your ill.  When all is doom and gloom around you, it’s difficult […]

How to make a budget and cut down on debt

Make a budget is a phrase that bewilders many.    Budgets are really important for the home, work and good causes or charities, these are three main variances of the human lifestyle that we have in the UK.   The main purpose of constructing a workable budget is to cut down on debt and ultimately provide you […]

How debt affects your life

Debt affects your life is a common enough occurrence in the UK but it need not always be the case.  Debt is debilitating.   Ask anyone in debt and they will concur. So many students emerge from college in debt and carry this burden for many years.  Debt doesn’t only cause financial hardship. Debt affects your […]