Instant Payday Loans (UK)

Instant Payday Loans (UK) are available to anyone who demonstrates that they meet the basic qualification criteria for Short Term Loans. The simplest way to ensure you qualify, is to first visit our FAQ’s page: FAQ’s If you meet the criteria, then the next step is to Apply so that we can review your Application. The whole […]

Instant Payday Loans: Overdrafts cost more!

Yes! It is true, you are reading that Headline correctly; Bank Overdrafts are often more expensive than Instant Payday Loans. Consumer Group Which? have investigated and found that for unplanned Overdrafts, Banks are charging up to 8 times more than the 0.8% per day that Short Term Lenders charge over 30 days. The fallout from […]

When are Payday Loans right for you?

Short Term loans – or Payday loans – are designed to plug a funding gap in an emergency. But are they used correctly? Used properly, the Payday loan concept is a valuable service; it provides funding to those who do not have access to small loans from their Bank or other financial institution. Sadly, there […]

The Journey from Interim to Full Permission

As some of you Readers may be aware, Short Term Loan Lenders have been operating under Interim Permission Licenses for their Consumer Credit trading. These licenses were provided following the restructuring of the Government’s Regulator when the Office for Fair Trading was dismantled and the Financial Conduct Authority took over. Well, it has been a […]

The largest city in Scotland hosts the highest numbers of payday lenders and bookies.

It looks like Glasgow can boast the highest numbers of payday lenders and bookies in the whole of the United Kingdom. According to research, the Scottish city is the capital of quick loan shops and bookies. What’s more, it seems that birds of a feather flock together. According to unidentified campaigners, payday lenders often set […]

April 2014: The FCA takes over regulation and lay down new rules for payday lenders

Nine months ago the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) took over the regulation of the consumer financial credit market from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). One of the big issues that they decided to deal with first was to reorganise the lenders offering ‘High-Cost Short Term Credit’, payday lenders included. The new rules for payday […]