Boris Johnson resigns as PM!

Breaking News Today: Boris Johnson has officially resigned as PM.

The embattled PM who has spent the last month fighting for his political life, has finally succumbed to his Party’s pressure and given his resignation.

This comes as no surprise to many, it has been a matter of when, not if for some time.

Boris Johnson took the helm of the Conservatives following a bitter battle for leadership that started during the Brexit Campaign. This culminated with his victory and “getting the job done”.

Somewhat controversially, much of his promised work has not been delivered and now it will be for others in the Party to see those deliverables to fruition. This includes final negotiations with the EU surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The timing of Johnson’s demise as Conservative Leader is unfortunate with the United Kingdom facing a cost of living crisis that is among the most severe on record.

Families across the United Kingdom are struggling to make ends meet. A crisis at the heart of the Government tasked with fixing it is no good for anyone.

The UK needs a fully functioning leadership as soon as possible. Who will replace the PM? At the time of writing, only one candidate has formally thrown her hat into the ring. We expect more to follow soon, however.

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We hope for a speedy transition to a Government capable of resolving the major concerns of our day.

Thank you for reading our short blog.