Summer 2022 Pay in 3 Months

Pay in 3 Months

Summer 2022 is almost upon us and with it, the desire to enjoy some well-earned R&R in the Sun!

The Algarve in Portugal? A beach vacation in Spain? Or staying closer to home and a visit to Cornwall, perhaps? Those sundowners await! Bronzed bodies on sun-soaked soft sand, laughter from the kids playing, lazy snoozes in the afternoon. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Of course, everything costs money and so that holiday and all the nice stuff it brings with it requires funding.

Short of cash? No problem! The Quick Loan Shop Ltd offers an easy repayment solution whereby you can spread the loan over 3 months.

Pay in 3 months is nothing new, of course. The offer is part of our usual service for helping those who need to divide their repayments. In fact, we can offer loans of up to 12 months, making it even easier to spread the cost.

Each repayment is an equal amount, the total divided by three.

Of course, if you wish, you can always repay the loan sooner if your cash flow allows. This will actually result in a saving since the interest charged will be reduced by the number of days you repay early.

Please remember to first make sure that any loan applied for is affordable. We will take care to to assist you with this however we do ask that you go through your monthly incomings and outgoings and ensure that there is a surplus for the loan you are requesting.

If you are satisfied that you can make the repayments for our Pay in 3 Months offer, then you can apply here

The maximum loan amount is £2000 and the lowest is £400. Maximum period is 12 months.

A shorter period? Then apply here for our short-term loans up to £500.

NB: Don’t forget to pack suntan lotion and remember to apply it liberally. Nothing spoils a trip to the beach like unwanted sunburn so take care and make sure you protect yourself.

Enjoy Summer 2022 from the Team at The Quick Loan Shop Ltd.