Shopping wisely & saving money

Shopping for bargains; does it work? 

You have just received your cash advance loan and ready to shop. Being careful not to waste it, you intend to spend it wisely and so you seek out the best bargains. 

But are those bargains really bargains? 

Not everything is as it seems and so careful investigation is often required to learn truth from myth. 

Common buying mistakes: 

  1. BOGOF – or, Buy One, Get One Free. These offers can be useful and can save money but only if you have an actual need for the free one and use it. It is no good feeling that you have scored only to find out that the free item is never used. Especially true if you could have bought one with no enticing offer attached cheaper elsewhere. 
  2. Sales. These are the shops honeypots and attract us en-masse. However, are they really sales or  marketing spin? For the genuine sales, do you actually need the items on sale? Will you use them or are you simply after a bargain for the sake of it? 
  3. Buying in bulk. Like No.1 this can be a great saver, but only if you use everything you have purchased. It is no good using that cash advance loan on stuff you end up throwing away into the bin. Avoid bulk buying unless you can really make use of it all. 
  4. Price & Quality. Buying cheap and paying twice is sadly something many fall victim of. Sure, we shouldn’t pay over the odds for things but at the same time, we want to ensure we are buying good quality that lasts. It is no good buying something you want to last for years only to have to replace it far sooner than you had hoped. Pay a little more and get the quality that will stand the test of time. 
  5. Buying used. This can be a great way to save money provided it is done correctly. for example, don’t buy something that is overly worn out simply because it seems a bargain. Be careful to select used items that have plenty still of offer. 
  6. Taking out cash advance loans that aren’t necessary. There is a temptation to make purchases purely for the fun of shopping. This can be a compulsive and impulsive temptation that costs money unwisely. Never buy things you do not need. 
  7. The latest and greatest. Every year, companies push out new inventory, new shiny toys supposedly better, faster, than the previous year. Mobile phones and electronics generally are great examples of this. We feel compelled to ‘upgrade’ but are we actually needing that latest device? Most often, the changes are not revolutionary but are instead, small incremental evolutionary changes. This means the device you have is not actually much ‘worse off’ compared to the new one. Don’t upgrade if the upgrades are not going to make any material difference to you than can be properly justified. 
  8. Fashion. Every season brings new fashion in clothing. Every season we want the new clothes. but is this wise? Not financially and not where waste is concerned. Only update if what you have is in need of replacement. 

We hope this blog has been useful for you and provided some food for thought. This piece has been brought to you by: The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

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