How to lower the cost of your weekly grocery shop

How can you lower the cost of your grocery shop? 

You know the drill, off to the supermarket…and then disappointed by the bill at the end. 

Every week, it seems to get higher. The current cost of living crisis is definitely starting to bite. 

So what can be done to lower the bill? 

Feeding the Family 

Priority no.1 is ensuring you buy for a balanced, healthy diet for the whole family. To do this, saving money wherever we can is vital. But how? Here are 10 ways you can save money on groceries: 

  1. Pay with a grocery rewards card. Every supermarket offers them. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many points you can collect by the end of the year to redeem for a free shop. 
  2. Coupons. If you search online, you can find plenty of websites that keep track of which shops have coupons available. Taking advantage of these can be a real saver. 
  3. Prepare a list of what you want and don’t deviate. When we shop, the temptation to buy things we don’t actually need is high. Avoid the lure and save. 
  4. Avoid wastage. Only get quantities you know you will use. All too often we buy too much and end up binning good food. 
  5. Buy sale items. You will find groceries that are close to the end of their ‘best before’ date on sale – if you can use them close to that date, before or a little after, do so to save on full price for the exact same thing. 
  6. Buy in bulk. This one appears to contradict our No.4 about avoiding wastage, but if you have a larger family and know you will consume it all, then purchasing in bulk can be a really good saver. 
  7. Compare prices between stores. This one should go without say. Always keep comparing – each supermarket will be looking for your custom and offering deals at different times. Being savvy, you can shop for different things at different supermarkets. 
  8. Remember your shopping bags. This one is easy to forget and although shopping bags aren’t expensive, the cost will add up if you keep forgetting. 
  9. Buy ‘own brand’ products. When you are at the supermarket, they will have their own brand items. Usually, these are significantly cheaper than other brands. 
  10. Make several meals at once and freeze. This is a good one. You can take advantage of point No.6 and buy in bulk, prepare several meals and freeze them for consumption when you need them. 

If you follow the advice above, you can make some decent savings on your bill.

Of course, there are always other options too.

Embrace Vegetarianism

Either fully, or just in part, this diet can reduce those bills. Vegetables are largely cheaper than meat and don’t require as much cooking time, usually. There are plenty of recipes that allow for quick, simple cooking that save on oven and hob time. 

Stop buying oven chips and make your own

The temptation to buy pre-cut chips is too high to avoid for many people but not only does making your own taste better, they are cheaper too. 

Reduce the volume of carbonated drinks

Drink water instead. The cost of fizzy drinks is far greater than water and not nearly as good for you – in fact, they are largely unhealthy. Water on the other hand, is vital for your hydration and does a far better job of quenching that thirst. 

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