Specialized S-Work’s Torch Shoes Review

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Specialized S-Work’s Torch Shoes Review 

They arrived, my very first pair of Specialized shoes. I’m a big fan of Shimano’s RC902’s, they fit my feet well and I can do 7-8 hour rides with no major discomfort. So why the new shoes? 

Background Story

While I do have a G8 insole in my S-Phyre’s and they are truly very good shoes, sometimes – not every ride – I can get hotspots. I typically put this down to warmer weather, since this is the common theme when my feet do get painful. Happily, with the S-Phyre’s this is now a rarity. 

Enter the new pinnacle of the Torch series

I bought them on the premise that Specialized go to great lengths to exalt the virtues of their Body Geometry. Advancements over their S-Work’s 7 shoe include a slightly lighter sole without sacrificing stiffness and a dual BOA S3 dial system. 

The design is favourably – to me – less ‘shouty’ than most, indeed it is quite discreet and the lines and general aesthetics are gorgeous, especially in white. The two other launch colours are oak and black, both look good albeit my bias is towards the white version. 

Specialized claim that they “disappear on your feet” which is a bold claim but also an admirable quality to try and achieve. 

Do they live up to the hype? 

In a word, yes! 

The S-Work’s Torch fit snug and blend as one with your feet. So, the bold claim is true. While I have not got the extensive experience yet that I have with my S-Phyre’s, I can say that my initial week with these has been extremely positive. I can think of no cons, only positives.



Not exactly cheap and firmly in the luxury category. 

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