3 month loans in the cost of living crisis!

3 month loans in the cost of living crisis! 

Rising costs. Sucks, doesn’t it? Especially when our income isn’t increasing to keep pace. What are we to do when we have a planned purchase to make? 3 month loans may be the answer. But first, where can we cut back and maybe avoid a loan altogether? 

We survived the last Recession, as bad as it was, and we will certainly survive the next but right now, we have to deal with the rising cost of energy, food and general consumables. In fact, the cost of food is the highest in over a decade. Oil prices are going up – in advance of an OPEC decision about additional output to combat reduced Russian flow – and as for energy, we are told to expect an increase of around 18% next month. 

So what can you do?

For starters, be more careful with you weekly shop. Compare the prices of necessities with other supermarkets and see where savings can be made. Factor in the cost of getting that shop in too – sometimes driving to a supermarket farther away negates any savings made so be careful not to omit this from your calculations. Perhaps cut back on certain luxuries too if money is getting really tight.

Don’t waste energy. Look out for ‘vampire’ electronics, like TV’s that remain on standby even when not in use; they are still sucking power. Do you need to use the dishwasher when you can do the dishes by hand? Similarly, washing clothes and most certainly, drying them – use a clothes line outside if the weather permits.

Fuel. Every time you go to the pump these days it seems like the cost of petrol and diesel has gone up. The easiest solution is to make fewer journeys by car. If possible, use a bicycle. Not only are you saving money, but you are getting your exercise in too – a double win, because this means you can save on that gym membership. 

3 month loans

Where do these fit in then? Ideally, they don’t. Save money by not accruing credit and the associated interest. Sometimes though, this is easier said, than done. Which is where The Quick Loan Shop Ltd comes in to help you. 

When money is tight and a purchase has to be made, a short-term loan may be the answer – a loan that has flexible repayment options including several months over which to spread the cost. Our 3 month loans may be the solution to a financial problem you need to address now, not later. 

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