Debt and stress – the terrible twins

Debt and stress are inextricably linked in the 21st century but this is not a new phenomenon.

The Debt and Stress Connection is very real for many people as worrying about the health of your bank and other financial accounts can really make your ill.  When all is doom and gloom around you, it’s difficult to remain positive.   Better not to watch the news or absorb the newspapers.

When money gets tight, you can become a stifled prisoner of it.  For many almost every waking thought is about money and the juggling act of being able to pay for petrol but not for movies.  Or health insurance vis a vis children’s birthday gifts.

Debt and stress and costly health impacts

If you are single or in a relationship being honest or real about money is step 1.  Getting on top of the money battle is so much about attitude.  With the right positive attitude, it is a mental conditioning that will help you win through.  If you don’t, you could be on the way to getting sick more easily or risk further serious health complications like heart problems.    Ill-health even when we have the NHS in the UK is costly on various fronts.

It is common knowledge that the debt and resultant stress factor impacts on your health.   The costs are medicine, taking time off work (maybe lost income), feeling miserable and fatigued.    With being stressed and then ill this compounds the misery preventing you from enjoying simple free things like walks in the park (good for energising, positive mood swing) or visiting the many free attractions that abound in Britain.  The endless list includes museums, art galleries or festivals, and local sports matches.   Be disciplined about getting out and about enjoying activities that cost nothing and won’t therefore add to your stress levels.

Debt and stress and financial fitness

Share your debt problem with your partner or a trusted family member or friend.   Adopt a plan of action.   In the UK there are many local (non-charging) organisations to help you.   If you know you are not alone, that is a huge shift is tackling the financial Everest.

Once you are managing your finances aided by a monthly budget, the stress will diminish.    Then get creative about managing your income and creating new, additional incomes.   It may be taking a second shift or part-time work, or it may be entrepreneurial, a new business.   The new business may take time so say goodbye to endless TV.  You are on your path to financial fitness.   You are getting financially strong with this renewed attitude.

Know your money life.   That old expression based on “take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves” is still true.  The expression is really about money attitude and exercising your financial muscles.   Part of this approach is about self control and creating new habits.  Replace the spend, spend, spend habit and with that the stress, stress, stress with save, save, save.  Build your money framework, get strong and say goodbye to debt and stress.

Debt and Stress – are there positive outcomes?

Yes is the short answer to the posed question.   Use the situation to your advantage with the life lessons attached so it never ever happens again.

You don’t want to be counted within the majority of Britons that highlight debt or lack of money being the source of stress in their lives.  The impact of such debt and stress combination is very taxing on family life too.   Hence encourage yourself to take joy in the great outdoors, gain so much culture and instil values of economising.  Your children will value these life lessons in this ever competitive world drowning in consumerism and accumulating stuff.   Aim to be debt and stress-free.