Instead of payday loans use credit cards – that’s what the guys at the Pentagon do

Some people don’t need a payday loan these days, just use your credit card at least that is what the employees at the Pentagon do. If they realise that they are not going to make it to the end of the month they use credit cards instead of a payday lender. It has come to light when investigated, that credit card interest rates, fees and other detail are not that far off from those of the payday lenders. So why do the employees of the Pentagon choose the credit card as a preferred method of paying for their activities. Well, it’s easy. The credit cards are on the business. They are Pentagon credit cards.

Like most companies that let their employees run around with a business credit card in their pocket. Just like any company in the world the same rules apply to the people working for the American government. If someone travels for business then should use the credit card for government related expenses and not personal expenses.

Reports from an audit at the Pentagon reveal a group of people that have been putting their personal expenses on government credit cards. It has also come to light that employees have also been filing for reimbursement for personal expenses incurred on business trips and travel.

Plenty of short-term loan and credit options

The pending question would be, why people do this when there are plenty of short term loan and credit options. It is pretty obvious that sooner or later an accountant somewhere in the five-star building would figure it out. When that happens, the culprits are going to have to pay back what they took and one can bank that the interest is included.

So why would someone use a government credit card instead of payday options?

People do this for many reasons, but it has recently come to light that questionable charges were being slapped on the government plastic. It seems that some Pentagon employees have used the cards to hide personal spending for gambling and escort and adult services. The Inspector General has had a good sniff around the world famous star-shaped building. In a report that has not yet been made available to the public, an embarrassing one million dollars had been spend on gambling and not far behind, adult entertainment establishments cost the government $96,576.

The Pentagon assures the tax payers that their money was not used and has issued a statement saying that people  had already started paying their impromptu loans back. Disciplinary action has been taken in many cases as well. So use a government credit card instead of payday or other short-term credit options. Well maybe you don’t the missus to see where you have been when the bill comes in the door, But then again would you like your boss to see them. It does not make sense. Take out a payday loan Pentagon people! Its easier, uncomplicated and pain-free.


Use credit cards