Payday loans in Scotland: Exploited employees often have no choice but to take out a payday loan

It is now impossible for a Scottish citizen to challenge their boss. Since fees for Employment Tribunals have been introduced for those Scots who have problems at work and need mediation, the number of complaints has fallen by 81%. Where once it was free of charge to challenge one’s employer before the Employment Tribunal, it now can cost up to 1200 pounds. These charges were introduced 2 years ago by the UK government and have resulted in a large number of the workforce simply being unable to challenge any bad behaviour displayed by their employers.

Before 2 years ago, employees had the luxury of being able to utilise this service for free. Now they often forgo the privilege because they cannot afford to sue their bosses. The result is often that the employers get away with bad behaviour because they know their employees will do nothing about it.

The vicious circle is then set into motion. Generally the grievances of employees is that they are not being paid on time, that they are not being paid overtime, or that they are not being paid at all. The employee then lacks the funds to take the employer before the Tribunal and so needs to find funds elsewhere to pay their bills. Where better to get those funds but at the payday lender on the high street? The payday loans in Scotland become the only viable option. The circle is complete.

The government is taking no action to uphold the promises of reform in the industry of payday loans in Scotland

The Scottish Government, it has been revealed, has overturned pledges to reform the industries of betting and payday loans in Scotland. Along with the British Government, the Scottish Government pledged to reform this business sector at the beginning of this year. The Scottish Government has, however, failed to comply. The Scottish Government has consistently overthrown local authorities that are trying to tackle gambling and suspicious payday lenders.

Payday loans in Scotland top the list in the whole of the UK. The debt charity StepChange published the statistics that the Scottish people have an average debt of 129 to 1438 more than the rest of the United Kingdom. Scots are also more likely to fall for online payday loan scams than any other part of the UK.

Well it is hardly surprising. You have to get your money somewhere and it appears to be too expensive to take your exploiting boss in front of the Employment Tribunal.