These are things you never say about payday. Your paycheck is probably the most important event of the month.

  • You never hear this one: Really? Is it payday already? I had completely forgotten what day of the month it is. Not only do all of us know exactly when our paycheck will be arriving, but we usually have a list of bills, needs, and wants that have already consumed the entire amount. Usually, our paychecks are spent before they even land.
  • Another one of the things you never say about payday is that once that check hits your account it is usually followed by the imbibing of copious amounts of alcohol. The end of the month ‘payday’ party is a notoriously unnecessary waste of funds that could probably be put to use paying off a loan, for example.
  • Here is something virtually unheard of: I already have everything that I want and need. What? Nobody ever says that! Our wonderful consumer based economy makes sure to wring as much of that paycheck out of you with endless sales, treats, offers, specials and other shopping propaganda.
  • Who has witnessed someone earnestly considering their paycheck and putting some solid effort into making a budget before they have spent all the cash? We all envy the few who do. More common are those who start budgeting when they are wondering where all the money went, and have made a decision to turn over a new leaf as far as being money savvy goes. This, until the next payday hits and the urge to splurge, turns the budget into a distant memory.
  • No, no, I really can’t afford to, so I will desist. That is not a resounding cry among those who have just received their wages. You will more likely be confidently ordering sushi or even buying tickets to places where they started making sushi. Then, towards the middle of the month you might catch yourself before you end up heading towards the inevitable poverty stricken second half where you survive on tea and bread.

Even more ridiculous things you never say about payday. How much of your pay packet actually ends up in your hands?

  • You don’t often find yourself sitting around with your pals agreeing that it is quite alright to be destitute, as long as your debts have been paid off first. A more likely scenario would be you, paying the bare minimum necessary to keep your creditors happy, and having a go at a somewhat decent month.
  • It’s not that normal to watch the working population take a look at the tax deductions on their pay slips and give thanks for being a good tax paying citizen in support of society on the whole. Most of us see the word ‘evasion’ dart briefly through our minds as we grumble at the diminished totals.
  • Lastly, there are not many who joyously send their paycheck off to settle the payday loan that they took out a week ago, thinking it wouldn’t be all that bad. Now that the interest, charges, and fees have kicked in, things don’t look so pretty anymore. You realise you have basically spent most of your money already. It is, therefore, a great idea to check out a payday comparison website. New regulations stipulate that all payday lenders publish their products, services, fees, rates, and charges on comparison websites so that customers can find the deal that suits them best.