Who is responsible for your payday loan debt? Who do you blame when you can’t repay your payday?

One of the most controversial questions in the industry of credit in the United Kingdom is who is responsible for your payday loan debt. For nearly ten years, the public has wrestled with the payday lenders. The payday lenders have wrestled with the Ombudsman and the Financial Credit Authority (FCA). The FCA and the ombudsman […]

Financial advice from the Church -The Church of England to begin giving financial advice in church

The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced that he will be backing the CCCN (Church Credit Champions Network) in an attempt to give payday lenders a run for their money. It is now the second time that the church has come forward in support of the unions and with the intention of putting payday lenders out […]

2015 sees the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) take measures to increase price competition and lower payday loan costs.

According to research people rarely shop around for the best deals when it comes to payday loans, or emergency loans, therefore the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has taken drastic measures. The CMA has ordered all payday lenders to publish information on their products and services in an attempt to lower payday loan costs. The […]