Payday debt and credit card debt

When it comes to payday debt and credit card debt, the numbers are interesting. After all the hullabaloo about Payday lenders and their terrible influence on the British population, luring people in and ensnaring them in a web of debt and deceit, there is a credit provider that is flying smugly under the radar enjoying […]

Reliance on debt – the seven-year glitch

November 2014 saw the citizens of the UK run up the highest amount of debt since 2007. Running up to the festive season, Britons managed to collectively borrow 1.25 billion pounds in total. This debt in mostly personal unsecured debt in the form of overdrafts, credit cards, loans, short-term high-interest loans, store cards and payday […]

Good Debt Housekeeping

We find ourselves in the first month of 2015 looking out over eleven more months until the next festive season whacks us over the head. Looking back over the past couple of months we may be slightly dismayed at the wreckage that is our bank account, our credit card, or the payday loans that we […]