How not to end up with a huge Debt

Now if you are unemployed, and have been taking out short term loans at the Payday lender for months, basically been begging, borrowing and stealing where ever you can to pay your bills and in effect stay alive, and you can’t understand why your brilliant CV has not attracted the attention of the best CEO’s of the corporate world, here are the things you may be doing wrong. Some of the top head hunters, recruiter s and hiring managers share some tips as what not to do when sending out your resume in order to secure your dream job.

  • Number one: Whatever you do, do not lie. Do not copy and paste bogus job information from someone else’s CV onto yours. Here is an example. Anna’s CV boasted extensive experience in the retail industry and then suddenly right at the end of her resume ten years of corporate executive-level finance experience popped up. Not only that but it was quite evident that as she had copied and pasted this information into her CV because she forgot to delete personal information regarding the bonafide owner of the credentials.
  • Number Two: Don’t do the same with the cover letter. Take the time to personalize it. Many of us are too insecure to write our own cover letter so we download one quickly from the internet thinking someone else’s success will ensure our own, and fail miserably when we don’t personalize even the company’s name in the body of the letter.
  • Number Three: Don’t be a whore. Don’t jump at every job. Be choosy. Recruiters and head hunters will remember your name even though you think they won’t. You don’t want to ‘flood the market’ so to speak. Only apply for the jobs you really want, that way the recruiters will take you seriously
  • Number Four: Not everyone wants to see all your pics. Here is a funny story. A applicant wanted a job in marketing for a hedge fund and somehow had the idea in her head that only ‘babes’ were hired for such a position. Her strategy was to include a picture of herself in a bikini alongside her curriculum vitae. She became extremely annoyed when she failed to pass beyond the first round of interviews. Another candidate in Singapore included no less than 10 pictures of himself doing everything from indulging in his favorite hobbies to winning high school awards. This is probably not what perspective bosses would want to mull over.
  • Number Five: Read the ad and follow the instructions. Most advertised jobs have very specific instructions on how and what they would like to see submitted to them and when they want it by. The human resources officer advertises these parameters for a reason, usually to make it easier for them, so make it easier for them. That generally impresses a person.

So if you would like to pay off those pesky short term loans. If you would like to use the instant cash loan in the manner for which it has been created, try to take these rules into consideration so that you don’t have to carry on being part of a demographic that is victim to a source of credit that is debilitating because there are no other options.