Payday Lending – Robin ‘Labour’ Hood

The Labour Party has made some rather lofty promises around regulating Payday lending if the British population will be so gracious as to vote them into power in 2015. What they propose is a bit of the old fashioned English legend of robbing the rich and giving to the poor. A special tax shall be […]

How not to end up with a huge Debt

Now if you are unemployed, and have been taking out short term loans at the Payday lender for months, basically been begging, borrowing and stealing where ever you can to pay your bills and in effect stay alive, and you can’t understand why your brilliant CV has not attracted the attention of the best CEO’s […]

Payday lenders spreading like wildfire

Payday lenders are still making headlines as billions upon billions pile up for these companies. The lenders are spreading across the globe like a phone app, bringing their cheap loans and interest rates to all of the four corners while keeping an eye out for any other nook and cranny where a nice shop front […]

Payday lenders vs credit unions

There are approximately 400 credit unions in Britain, Scotland and Wales and approximately 2% of the adult population utilizes their services. Compared to the 46% of consumers in the USA, this statistic is very low. Why would Credit Unions not be more popular when in essence they solve many of the problems that borrowing from […]