Payday Lenders, short term lenders, Pawn Brokers; society need them

Despite the massive controversy surrounding the Payday lending industry,, or short term loan industry, millions of people are taking out short term loans in lieu of their next pay check. The massive outcry against the so-called unethical practices of trapping hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting people into paying extortionate interest rates and keeping them slaves […]

Confident forecast for the British economy

Mark Carney, the Bank of England’s governor spoke of a rise in wages when he addressed the TUC (Trade Unions Congress) in Liverpool on the 9th of September. In his speech, Mr. Carney gave a positive and confident forecast for the economy on the whole. During the course of next year, he predicted that the […]

Short term lenders in the payday industry must be doing something right

Why are short term lenders more popular than credit unions? There are approximately 400 credit unions in Britain, Scotland and Wales and approximately 2% of the adult population utilizes their services. Compared to the 46% of consumers in the USA, this statistic is very low. Why would Credit Unions not be more popular when in […]