Working to pay the bills: I hate Mondays!

Paying bills is a priority whether we like it or not and to earn money to pay the bills we often have to work in jobs we dislike.

The question is: Are there still people left who love what they do, who jump out of bed on a Monday morning and rush off to work with a skip and a hop and a smile on their face? According to recent surveys by Gallup poll and other independent statistics, this is sadly not the case for most of the world.

Here is what the numbers reveal: In China, a mere 6% of the population claim that their job fulfills them, and only 22% of the Australian work force maintains that they enjoy their job. Seven out of ten workers in Britain today assert that they only go to work because they need the money to survive, otherwise they would be off in a heartbeat, and in the USA, approximately 70% of the population in employment go so far as to say that they loathe their jobs.

It seems that the majority of working people do so because they have to. People say that they stay in their jobs in order to be able to stay true to their commitments, which are:

  • Family
  • Mortgage
  • Loans and credit
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Necessities

Most people, it seems, give up their life to work, so that they can have life after work. How do you liberate yourself from a dead end job that you are not enjoying?

First you have to decide that it is time to move on, and then you will need to proceed wisely and strategically. Here are the do’s and don’t of getting out of the job you hate and finding one that suits you.


  • Do stay in your current job until you have made your decision and decided on your game plan.
  • It is important to have at least 3 and at best 6 months of living expenses saved away in case it takes a while to find that new job.
  • Do start looking around, putting feelers out and networking before you leave your current job. Remember it is easier to find a new job when you are still gainfully employed.
  • Make sure you know the rules around grants and benefits so that you don’t just assume that you will be eligible for welfare
  • Do keep up a high standard of productivity at work, even if you have already given notice. You want that glowing reference.
  • Do give ample notice. It’s only fair.


  • Don’t blame the whole situation on your boss or the job. Take time to think about what was not ideal in your job and how you can do better in the next one.
  • Do not bad mouth your ex-boss or your co-workers – ever!
  • You don’t always have to be brutally honest in an interview when asked why you want to leave your current job. A little embellishment never hurt anyone, and “because I hated it” is not really an option.

It is difficult to find that dream job on the market today, but throwing in the towel and moving your entire family into a hut on the beach in Madagascar may not be the best idea either. The biggest ‘Do’ in order to find Monday mornings appealing is to take that leap of faith and step off the ledge of certainty into uncharted waters. The dream is swimming around out there.