Are you overwhelmed by debt? A hobby could bring in extra money

Are loans and credit overwhelming you? Try turning your hobby into a business for extra cash

Loans such as immediate payday loans and borrowing on credit cards have their place in our lives but, if we are honest, most of us dream of being debt free. It is not necessary to only dream about being debt free, however, because dreaming does not bring results. Activity, on the other hand, could be the answer to becoming debt free.

Do you have a hobby? By definition a hobby is enjoyable otherwise you would not be spending your free time on it. Is it a hobby that could be turned into a small business? If you don’t have a hobby that could be bringing in spare cash can you think of something you would like to do? For example:

  • Restoring old furniture (it could be genuine antique or simply “junk” which you bring back to life)
  • Writing articles for publication if you enjoy writing
  • Writing articles for website content (yes, people do pay for this)
  • Knitting is becoming popular again; perhaps you can hone your skills to the point that someone else will buy your products
  • Carpentry; there are plenty of things to make, such as coffee tables, that could be sold for extra cash
  • Weaving simple items such as cotton bath mats
  • Making wooden toys for kids; experts tell us we should not buy plastic toys for our children so wooden toys for youngsters are becoming more and more popular. Make sure the paint you use, if any, is non-toxic
  • Making wooden Christmas decorations or Christmas decorations out of scraps
  • Landscaping if you enjoy gardening. There are many people who don’t have the money to pay for a trained landscaper but they might consider using your services if you can prove you do a good job

The list is endless but you get the idea. Take something you enjoy doing and see if someone else will buy what you have made. Your writer knows 4 men who got together and created items out of waste such as plastic Coca-Cola bottles. They now sell their “recycled chandeliers” and many other amazing creations around the world. They cannot keep up with demand and their hobby has turned into big business employing disadvantaged people in a disadvantaged area.

With a little ingenuity we can take tired ideas and turn them into something wonderful. There is something fulfilling in earning extra money so that we don’t have to borrow money when in need. Your hobby could turn into your full-time work and who wouldn’t want to do something they love and get paid for it? Often one hears “I can’t believe someone wants to pay me for something I love doing!”

Yes, debt is sometimes necessary. We need to borrow money to buy homes and sometimes to buy transport. There are times when we have to borrow money for an unexpected emergency and need to apply for credit, or apply for immediate payday loans but don’t make it your habit. Try instead to be innovative and creative and see where it takes you.