Struggling with the cost of bills and food?

If your family is struggling to pay the bills and finding there is little money left over for food, if you have to resort to immediate payday loans and other credit, there may be help: there is a National campaign in the UK to help working households who are finding times are financially difficult. Families in need are being pointed to vital financial help. This financial help is part of a national campaign.

The charity Turn2us is trying to help anyone in need to access grants and benefits. This is part of the Elizabeth Finn Care group which has recently launched the annual Benefits Awareness Month campaign. The ‘Be Aware’ campaign, as it is called, focuses on the large number of people who have employment but still find it difficult to manage from payday to payday.

According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation more than half of the 13 million people who live in poverty in the United Kingdom are from working households.

In the UK an individual or family is considered to be living in poverty when the post-tax income falls below 60% of the national median of 367 pounds per week, which is 220 pounds per week. According to Turn2us their research shows that almost two-fifths of households in the low-income bracket spend more than they earn. Just because a person is employed does not mean that they earn a liveable wage. Turn2us advises that help is available in the form of Working Tax Credit and some other welfare benefits and these benefits can make a very big difference. Turn2us says that ‘Being employed does not mean the end of help.’

If you are in need of financial help in the UK, if your salary or wage does not cover your basic needs, if you are struggling to get out of debt or if you find you are relying too much on immediate payday loans visit their website:

To date 28,574 people have used the online website calculator to figure out what support they can get.

Help is at hand even if you are employed. Visit their website and see what they can do for you.