Saving money in easy ways in 2014

It makes perfect sense to make your money work as hard for you as you work for your money! It might make sense but, well, the thing is that you have to hold on to your money long enough to be able to make it work for you. Most of us slip up on this first and most fundamental step. We are so tempted by the lovely goodies we can spend our money on that it leaves our pockets faster than it got there.

After the excitement of the festive season and our “devil-may-care” attitude the beginning of the New Year can come as a bit of a shock as far as finances are concerned.

Back to saving money. The advantage of making your money work for you is that while it is busy working you can take it a little easier. Here are a few savings ideas for you to ponder over:

Save on mortgage costs

It is possible and sometimes even advisable to shop around for a better mortgage rate. True, mortgage rates are currently pretty low but surprisingly enough you could get an even better deal. Don’t simply dash out looking for a better deal without first doing your calculations. When changing from one financial institution to another involves upfront costs for administration so it is important to figure out if these costs will undermine any savings you may make on the mortgage repayments. According to brokers London & Country it is possible to save up to 2,240 pounds in the first year if you get it right. The savings in the first year would be less than in following years because of the upfront administration fees. In following years the saving could come 2,535 pounds each year, using their calculations. This is a substantial saving and certainly worth the effort.

Cut fuel costs for your car

It may be impossible for you to drive your car fewer times but did you know that b simply turning off the air conditioning you can save up to 77 pounds each year. If you keep your tires pumped to the correct pressure you can save a further 31 pounds per year. Whilst this does not seem like a lot of cash it adds up. Even if you cannot catch public transport it may be possible to car-pool. Keeping your speed down can substantially lower the fuel consumption which will save a decent amount each year. According to the Energy Saving Trust it is possible to save around 554 pounds each year driving a medium sized car and travelling average mileage.

Home Insurance savings

You can certainly save in the area of home and content insurance but it will take some investigation and number crunching. Remember that the lowest premium should not always be the deciding factor; you also want the insurance company to pay you out if you have a problem and need to claim. Visit to find out more.

Car insurance saving

While on the subject of insurance you should also consider changing your car insurer if you have been with your current insurer for any length of time. You will most likely be able to negotiate a better deal with a new insurer eager to get your business. According to recent research from 51% of consumers could save up to 242.00 by moving to a new provider.

These are just four ways to take money out of your pocket and placing it to work for you.

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