Earn extra money to pay off debts the unconventional way

It is possible to earn extra money to pay off debts if you use a little imagination. It is in all probability safe to say that everyone has some untapped resource somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it. There are many ways to make extra money, to save and cut corners, and to get money for spending money. Here are some useful, and unconventional money making options for you to consider.

Get better interest rates on your savings

To begin you can save quite a lot in conventional ways without much work. Take a look at your savings accounts. Don’t accept poor interest rates. Shop around and don’t leave your savings in a current account when you could have them in a high interest account instead. Make sure your credit card is giving you cash back or in-store points every time you swipe. Don’t ever take out credit to pay debt. Try to pay debt off with savings as a rule of thumb. Paying interest on credit is much more expensive than what you will earn on your savings. Make sure you are up to date with all state benefits and pensions so that you know if you are eligible to apply for a grant of any kind. Put in a little TLC with regards to your credit rating. Find out what it is, where your blemishes are and see what you can do about them.

Once you have looked at the above and have done your financial housekeeping, you can now see if there are more ways to make some extra income.

Sell your stuff. What have you got in your attic? Look around your home and do a good spring clean. You can hold a garage sale, sell valuables on eBay to get the highest price or consider selling your old mobile phones, iPods, camera’s and any other electronics you don’t need anymore. You can also sell off gold or silver that you don’t use for instant cash.

Sell your old books. Amazon sells second hand books, and they are just one of many sites that do. You can also throw in your old CD’s, DVD’s, and computer games.

Save up your aluminum cans and take them to Tesco. You receive club card points to spend in store. Tesco also gives you points for reusing plastic bags and it doesn’t matter what store they come from.

Rent out your space. Rent out a room in your house or take on a flat mate. You can also rent out your parking space, garage or storage space. If you are feeling especially adventurous, sign up to rent your property out as a film location. Find an agency online that will list your property for free.

Did you know that you can make money on line for doing all kinds of things from listening to music, clicking on links, uploading photos into photobanks, clicking through cashback sites and filling out surveys.

Last but not least, and possibly not something many of us think about, you can sell yourself. To be a little clearer, sell your story. Journalists are always on the lookout for a great story and some websites pay for interesting photos, like funny holiday pictures. So there is not a shortage of ways to get your hands on extra cash. You just need to think out of the loan and debt box.