Who are The Quick Loan Shop Ltd?

Who are we?

TheQuickLoanShopLtd.co.uk is a UK-owned and based payday lender and not a payday Broker or Pingtree.  Brokers and Pingtree systems stream applications in a cascading waterfall effect to payday lenders which are often based upon specific categories that Applicants fall into from the details they provide.

As a Lender, we deal with your Application directly with no middle-man or other network to filter through or worry about.  As a result, you get better Customer Service and the opportunity to join our growing family of Clientele which means you are building a relationship with us that ensures you always get the best deal and makes you eligible for our special loyalty discount – for every 4 loans you take with us consecutively, you receive the 5th with 50% off! Yes, that means you only pay 50% of the interest on the 5th loan. For example: you pay £25 for every £100 loaned but only £12.50 for every £100 on the 5th loan. This offer is not limited to one use only either – it applies on the 10th, 15th, 20th and so on.

Our Website TheQuickLoanShopLtd.co.uk is easy to use and our funding is very quick. Once a Customer, you have access to your own Customer Area which gives you greater control over your loan and the management of that loan. In addition, demonstrate to us that you are credit worthy by paying back your loan on time and next time you need cash for an emergency or unforeseen reason you will be able to rely on us to fund you again.

We believe that TheQuickLoanShopLtd.co.uk is the only PayDay Lender you will ever need. As Members of the CCTA, we are proud to have signed up to the PayDay Lenders Charter which demonstrates our on-going assuredness towards making the PayDay loan sector safe, secure and trustworthy.