Save Money By Looking After Your Fridge Freezer

As a UK Payday Lender, The Quick Loan Shop Ltd takes pride in giving advice and tips for its customers. Whilst providing instant Payday Loans we fundamentally believe that all efforts should be made to save money and live life in the most cost effective way.

In this blog post The Quick Loan Shop Ltd, one of the UK’s leading immediate Payday Lenders, will focus on fridge freezers and the best way to use them cost effectively.

Here are some tips to save some money as the cold winter months approach by using your fridge and freezer in an efficient manner.

  • Fridges should be kept at optimum temperatures to ensure they do not waste energy; the usual temperature is around 3 to 5c.
  • When unpacking your shopping into the fridge try not to take too long and leave the fridge door open allowing the cool air to escape. This also applies to when you are taking an item from the fridge, especially at times when you are cooking and the kitchen is hot, as hot air will enter and lower the fridge temperature.
  • Try to prevent the build up of ice by regularly defrosting your fridge freezer. Although this can sometimes be inconvenient, it does help your product run at its best and helps it not to waste too much energy.
  • The location of your fridge freezer is also important. Try not to place the fridge freezer in direct light or near cookers, hobs and ovens as this can lead to the fridge freezer becoming warmer than it is designed to be. Direct sunlight through a window can also cause the fridge freezer to warm and in turn use more energy to stay cool.
  • Whilst location is important, regular cleaning is also vital. Behind the fridge freezer dust can gather on condenser coils resulting in it using more energy.
  • Pay close awareness to the fridge freezer and its rating, always aim to buy A+ or A++ rated models as this can save £36 a year on utility bills.
  • Whilst following all these steps can lower energy bills sometimes utility bills can be unexpected high. Payday loans are a short term option for when this occurs. We can supply an immediate Payday Loan that you can use to pay your bill, fuss free and quickly.
  • There is little paper work when you take an instant Payday Loan with us and money can be in your account very fast.

In the next post The Quick Loan Shop Ltd will discuss the best ways to do your laundry in a cost effective way.