England crowned European Champions!

The Win!

The England Women’s Team have won the Euro 2022 Final.

In a thrilling match between two old foes, England vs Germany, where exceptional skills from both sides ensured a nail-biting finale to a wonderful tournament, there could be only one winner and happily, that was the outstanding England team.

England had shown throughout the tournament that they were the team to beat, having dominated all of their games.

What does this mean?

Quite simply, this is wonderful for Women’s football and an inspiration for girls all across the country.

Did you enjoy the match? Let us know in the comments below.


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Boris Johnson resigns as PM!

Breaking News Today: Boris Johnson has officially resigned as PM.

The embattled PM who has spent the last month fighting for his political life, has finally succumbed to his Party’s pressure and given his resignation.

This comes as no surprise to many, it has been a matter of when, not if for some time.

Boris Johnson took the helm of the Conservatives following a bitter battle for leadership that started during the Brexit Campaign. This culminated with his victory and “getting the job done”.

Somewhat controversially, much of his promised work has not been delivered and now it will be for others in the Party to see those deliverables to fruition. This includes final negotiations with the EU surrounding the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The timing of Johnson’s demise as Conservative Leader is unfortunate with the United Kingdom facing a cost of living crisis that is among the most severe on record.

Families across the United Kingdom are struggling to make ends meet. A crisis at the heart of the Government tasked with fixing it is no good for anyone.

The UK needs a fully functioning leadership as soon as possible. Who will replace the PM? At the time of writing, only one candidate has formally thrown her hat into the ring. We expect more to follow soon, however.

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We hope for a speedy transition to a Government capable of resolving the major concerns of our day.

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Satsuma Loans

Satsuma Loans

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Satsuma was a trading style of PPC and was closed on the 31st December 2021.

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Summer 2022 Pay in 3 Months

Pay in 3 Months

Summer 2022 is almost upon us and with it, the desire to enjoy some well-earned R&R in the Sun!

The Algarve in Portugal? A beach vacation in Spain? Or staying closer to home and a visit to Cornwall, perhaps? Those sundowners await! Bronzed bodies on sun-soaked soft sand, laughter from the kids playing, lazy snoozes in the afternoon. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Of course, everything costs money and so that holiday and all the nice stuff it brings with it requires funding.

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Pay in 3 months is nothing new, of course. The offer is part of our usual service for helping those who need to divide their repayments. In fact, we can offer loans of up to 12 months, making it even easier to spread the cost.

Each repayment is an equal amount, the total divided by three.

Of course, if you wish, you can always repay the loan sooner if your cash flow allows. This will actually result in a saving since the interest charged will be reduced by the number of days you repay early.

Please remember to first make sure that any loan applied for is affordable. We will take care to to assist you with this however we do ask that you go through your monthly incomings and outgoings and ensure that there is a surplus for the loan you are requesting.

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How to choose the right bicycle

Choosing a bike by design 

Choosing the right bicycle can be somewhat daunting given the vast array choices available to us.

In choosing a bicycle we should try to find the right one according to what we will use it for and our abilities. The main reasons are:

  1. Comfort
  2. Safety
  3. Enjoyment
  4. Practicality
  5. Intended Use

Road racing bikes

The Tour de France, Giro de Italia, La Vuelta, cycling’s most famous Tours. Paris Roubaix, Milan-San-Remo; two of cyclings most famous Monument races. All of these races inspire many of us towards competition and racing, to emulate our heroes.

Racing bicycles are sexy, agile and fast. Typically, they are characterised as Aero, All-rounder/Climbing and Endurance.

  1. Aero: as the name implies, these designs are very aerodynamic and built to cut through the wind. They are a little heavier but the trade-off in speed gained from its aero attributes often makes it the faster bike.
  2. All-rounder/Climbing: The lightest bike, extremely agile and fast accelerating. They are ideal for those longer climbs. Lately, Manufacturers have been focussing upon blending Climbing and Aero for the best All-rounders.
  3. Endurance: Great for Touring and long-distance rides but also for general fitness without the aggressive position.

Road bikes of a racing nature are fit for purpose but also harder to master. There is a valid case to be made, therefore, that road racing bikes are not for everyone. Too many are steered towards racing bikes because they like how they look or like to imagine themselves as racers.

Taking the Trek brand as an example – their Emonda, Madone, Domane and Checkpoint are, as they themselves describe, Performance bikes. Racing bikes. They are designed for speed. They will brake very effectively but you need to know how to do that on bikes that have the agility that they possess.

Don’t buy any of these bike types if they are too aggressively designed for you and you can’t brake effectively riding them or suffer discomfort from their forced riding positions. They demand a greater level of skill than other designs. They are more demanding of our bodies.

City, Cruiser and Hybrids

City, Cruiser and Hybrid bike designs that, especially with disc brakes, are much easier to learn to ride, are more comfortable due to the more upright seating position and brake easily – your weight is not as far forward so your Centre of Gravity is somewhat different. The very vast majority of bicycles in Europe and Asia are bikes like these.

These bikes are easier to ride for commuters, for keeping fit, for recreational use.

Anyone who has been to Gent, Copenhagen or Amsterdam will know what I mean. City bikes are designed for comfort, easy to brake effectively, have a different CoG.


E-bikes are gaining in popularity rapidly. Their technology has come a long way and their weight has been reduced to be much more manageable. An e-bike version is available for all types of bicycle, from racing, to MTB to city bike.

If you live in a hilly area with daunting climbs or want to arrive to work with not a bead of sweat on you, these are the bikes for the job. That’s not to say you cannot get a really good workout on one, quite the contrary, you can, but you have the option to make things a little easier for when you need to.

Here in the UK, the amount of assist an E-Bike is permitted to have allows for speeds up to 15mph which is plenty for general use.

MTB and Gravel

Mountain biking is a very popular form of cycling that takes us into nature for our adventures. We can embrace fresh air and great scenery while being off-road.

Like road bikes, MTB bikes have different designs specific to they type of riding you want to do.

  1. XC/Trail: These bikes can be Hardtail (only front suspension) or Dual Suspension and have front shocks with up to 120mm.
  2. Enduro/Downhill: These bikes are best suited to steep downhill courses and have longer front suspension travel, circa 140-160mm.

Gravel bikes are new to the scene, they combine road biking and MTB. More suited to trails that are easier to navigate than mountain bikes, they have become extremely popular in a very short space of time.

If you wanted a bike for off-road use but with the geometry of an Endurance road bike and a Touring bike, coupled with a Racing bikes agility, then this could be the one for you.

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Shopping wisely & saving money

Shopping for bargains; does it work? 

You have just received your cash advance loan and ready to shop. Being careful not to waste it, you intend to spend it wisely and so you seek out the best bargains. 

But are those bargains really bargains? 

Not everything is as it seems and so careful investigation is often required to learn truth from myth. 

Common buying mistakes: 

  1. BOGOF – or, Buy One, Get One Free. These offers can be useful and can save money but only if you have an actual need for the free one and use it. It is no good feeling that you have scored only to find out that the free item is never used. Especially true if you could have bought one with no enticing offer attached cheaper elsewhere. 
  2. Sales. These are the shops honeypots and attract us en-masse. However, are they really sales or  marketing spin? For the genuine sales, do you actually need the items on sale? Will you use them or are you simply after a bargain for the sake of it? 
  3. Buying in bulk. Like No.1 this can be a great saver, but only if you use everything you have purchased. It is no good using that cash advance loan on stuff you end up throwing away into the bin. Avoid bulk buying unless you can really make use of it all. 
  4. Price & Quality. Buying cheap and paying twice is sadly something many fall victim of. Sure, we shouldn’t pay over the odds for things but at the same time, we want to ensure we are buying good quality that lasts. It is no good buying something you want to last for years only to have to replace it far sooner than you had hoped. Pay a little more and get the quality that will stand the test of time. 
  5. Buying used. This can be a great way to save money provided it is done correctly. for example, don’t buy something that is overly worn out simply because it seems a bargain. Be careful to select used items that have plenty still of offer. 
  6. Taking out cash advance loans that aren’t necessary. There is a temptation to make purchases purely for the fun of shopping. This can be a compulsive and impulsive temptation that costs money unwisely. Never buy things you do not need. 
  7. The latest and greatest. Every year, companies push out new inventory, new shiny toys supposedly better, faster, than the previous year. Mobile phones and electronics generally are great examples of this. We feel compelled to ‘upgrade’ but are we actually needing that latest device? Most often, the changes are not revolutionary but are instead, small incremental evolutionary changes. This means the device you have is not actually much ‘worse off’ compared to the new one. Don’t upgrade if the upgrades are not going to make any material difference to you than can be properly justified. 
  8. Fashion. Every season brings new fashion in clothing. Every season we want the new clothes. but is this wise? Not financially and not where waste is concerned. Only update if what you have is in need of replacement. 

We hope this blog has been useful for you and provided some food for thought. This piece has been brought to you by: The Quick Loan Shop Ltd

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iPhone 14 – what are we expecting?

iPhone 14 2022

The annual iPhone launch is still some months away but it is tantalising to review the rumours and delve into what we might expect.


The expectation is for a 6.1-inch iPhone 14, a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro, a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max, and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max. The size missing is the 5.4-inch which is to be omitted.

That notch

The infamous notch will likely return for most models but the flagships are rumoured to be getting a hole-punch cut-out and perhaps a pin-hole.

Overall design

This is largely expected to be the same as the 2021 models however we may see some new colours introduced. Titanium has been suggested over the traditional stainless steel too for the chassis.


A paradigm shift from 12MP to 48MP? That’s the buzz. Apple have steadfastly resisted the race for more mega-pixels that other Manufacturers have chased in recent years and stuck with improving 12MP cameras.

Now we’re hearing 48MP and 8K.


The Pro models will get the new A16 while the entry-levels will most likely use 2021’s A15.

We will probably see Qualcomms Snapdragon A65.


ProMotion refresh at 120HZ. For the Pro models, yes, but unlikely for the lower-end models

The rest of the good stuff

A rumoured ‘vapour-chamber cavity system’ to aid cooling has been mentioned.

Lightning port swan-song? Another but final year of the lightning port is likely.  However, in either 2022 or 2023 we are surely going to see a MagSafe-type port.

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My credit score and payday loans

You want to find payday loans, but can you secure one with your credit score? 

What makes up a credit score? 

Firstly, you need to understand what affects your score so that you can learn how to improve it. 

  1. Every time you make a credit application, for any type of loan – car, home, furniture, electronics etc – it is recorded by the Credit Reference Agencies. Naturally, this includes payday loans. This is called your credit file ‘footprint’. Try not to make too many. 
  2. The age of your credit history. The longer you have a stable credit history, the more lenders will view you as trustworthy and a lower risk to them. 
  3. Length of time at your current address. This impacts your credit file as well. If you move around a lot, it gives lenders the jitters, again, it is about stability. 
  4. Maxing out your available credit. Don’t do this. If lenders see you have taken up all the credit your bank has offered you on your credit card, they will become wary. Use as little credit as possible at all times. 
  5. No credit history. This one might sound daft, but having no credit history is actually a bad thing. On the one hand it shows you have no adverse debt, but on the other it says to lenders that you are an unknown risk. 
  6. Defaults. Never default since this is extremely damaging to your credit score. 
  7. CCJ’s. Never good, these tell lenders you are a bad risk. 

Is your credit file accurate? 

Credit files are deemed accurate unless you challenge them and successfully demonstrate that something is amiss. No one but you will do these checks. Therefore, it is wise to consult your file and make sure everything is as it should be. 

Where can I find my credit file? 

There are several companies that are CRA’s or Credit Reference Agencies. The main ones are: 

Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, Crediva. 

All of these will charge a fee but using a company like ClearScore can be free. 

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How to lower the cost of your weekly grocery shop

How can you lower the cost of your grocery shop? 

You know the drill, off to the supermarket…and then disappointed by the bill at the end. 

Every week, it seems to get higher. The current cost of living crisis is definitely starting to bite. 

So what can be done to lower the bill? 

Feeding the Family 

Priority no.1 is ensuring you buy for a balanced, healthy diet for the whole family. To do this, saving money wherever we can is vital. But how? Here are 10 ways you can save money on groceries: 

  1. Pay with a grocery rewards card. Every supermarket offers them. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many points you can collect by the end of the year to redeem for a free shop. 
  2. Coupons. If you search online, you can find plenty of websites that keep track of which shops have coupons available. Taking advantage of these can be a real saver. 
  3. Prepare a list of what you want and don’t deviate. When we shop, the temptation to buy things we don’t actually need is high. Avoid the lure and save. 
  4. Avoid wastage. Only get quantities you know you will use. All too often we buy too much and end up binning good food. 
  5. Buy sale items. You will find groceries that are close to the end of their ‘best before’ date on sale – if you can use them close to that date, before or a little after, do so to save on full price for the exact same thing. 
  6. Buy in bulk. This one appears to contradict our No.4 about avoiding wastage, but if you have a larger family and know you will consume it all, then purchasing in bulk can be a really good saver. 
  7. Compare prices between stores. This one should go without say. Always keep comparing – each supermarket will be looking for your custom and offering deals at different times. Being savvy, you can shop for different things at different supermarkets. 
  8. Remember your shopping bags. This one is easy to forget and although shopping bags aren’t expensive, the cost will add up if you keep forgetting. 
  9. Buy ‘own brand’ products. When you are at the supermarket, they will have their own brand items. Usually, these are significantly cheaper than other brands. 
  10. Make several meals at once and freeze. This is a good one. You can take advantage of point No.6 and buy in bulk, prepare several meals and freeze them for consumption when you need them. 

If you follow the advice above, you can make some decent savings on your bill.

Of course, there are always other options too.

Embrace Vegetarianism

Either fully, or just in part, this diet can reduce those bills. Vegetables are largely cheaper than meat and don’t require as much cooking time, usually. There are plenty of recipes that allow for quick, simple cooking that save on oven and hob time. 

Stop buying oven chips and make your own

The temptation to buy pre-cut chips is too high to avoid for many people but not only does making your own taste better, they are cheaper too. 

Reduce the volume of carbonated drinks

Drink water instead. The cost of fizzy drinks is far greater than water and not nearly as good for you – in fact, they are largely unhealthy. Water on the other hand, is vital for your hydration and does a far better job of quenching that thirst. 

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Specialized S-Work’s Torch Shoes Review

Review Category: Cycling

Specialized S-Work’s Torch Shoes Review 

They arrived, my very first pair of Specialized shoes. I’m a big fan of Shimano’s RC902’s, they fit my feet well and I can do 7-8 hour rides with no major discomfort. So why the new shoes? 

Background Story

While I do have a G8 insole in my S-Phyre’s and they are truly very good shoes, sometimes – not every ride – I can get hotspots. I typically put this down to warmer weather, since this is the common theme when my feet do get painful. Happily, with the S-Phyre’s this is now a rarity. 

Enter the new pinnacle of the Torch series

I bought them on the premise that Specialized go to great lengths to exalt the virtues of their Body Geometry. Advancements over their S-Work’s 7 shoe include a slightly lighter sole without sacrificing stiffness and a dual BOA S3 dial system. 

The design is favourably – to me – less ‘shouty’ than most, indeed it is quite discreet and the lines and general aesthetics are gorgeous, especially in white. The two other launch colours are oak and black, both look good albeit my bias is towards the white version. 

Specialized claim that they “disappear on your feet” which is a bold claim but also an admirable quality to try and achieve. 

Do they live up to the hype? 

In a word, yes! 

The S-Work’s Torch fit snug and blend as one with your feet. So, the bold claim is true. While I have not got the extensive experience yet that I have with my S-Phyre’s, I can say that my initial week with these has been extremely positive. I can think of no cons, only positives.



Not exactly cheap and firmly in the luxury category. 

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